Home Extension Services London

An extension can be an additional room, kitchen or living space added to an existing house. Our specialist team can design and extend your property to make your living and working space bigger and more functional.

A stylish, well-constructed extension adds light and space and we can tailor a traditional or contemporary addition to your home. We work with our clients to design and build a space that works efficiently to their family needs.

Adding a well-designed kitchen extension can add significant functional space to your home.  A glazed extension can bring light into a home as well as make a seamless transition between the outside and inside.

There are three ways to scale-up space with a home extension:

  1. Rear extension, extending out from the back of a house and typically being a kitchen or extra living space.
  2. Side extension, which can add space to an existing room to the side or add another room to the side of a house. This is typically done to add more living space, a playroom or increase the size of a kitchen.
  3. Garage extension, a way to increase a home's functional space by building a garage onto the side of a house.

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